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Quality Control

We follow rigid quality standards to ensure that our quality management system is as effective as possible.

The QC uses the following techniques of inspection to ensure that we retain our position as market leaders while also meeting the demands and expectations of our customers.

Perform a preliminary production check

In this case, we're talking about DUPROS (During Production)

FRIDAY (Final Random Inspection)

AQL levels 1.5 or 2.5 are used for significant impacts, while AQL levels 2.5 or 4.0 are used for minor effects, both dependent on the merchandiser. In addition, MILSTD-105E level I or II (depending on the product) is used for inspection.

Customers expect high-quality goods that fulfill their needs. Dimension Leathers is devoted to meeting this commitment by ensuring that its employees are well-trained, purchasing new technology, and regularly re-evaluating its quality control and assurance systems.

Quality Policy:
Creating items that meet the criteria defined and agreed upon with our clients while maintaining a reasonable and marketable cost is our policy to ensure that products are delivered on time. To put the policy into effect, we will undertake a continuous improvement program that will focus on preventing problems rather than just detecting them.

Working with the concepts of "Total Quality Management," We will offer every one of our workers the knowledge and resources they need to contribute to our continuous pursuit of excellence successfully. In addition, to protect the safety of our customers, we will create a safe working environment for all of our employees and will regularly verify and redefine product safety quality. We will also be mindful of the environmental consequences of all of our processes and activities.

To continuously improve our supplier relationships through auditing, consultation, and training regularly. The policy's success hinges on a total commitment to "doing things correctly the first time" at all levels.

Policy Summary:
Learn the needs of our clients and pass this information on to our personnel.
Give your employees the proper tools and equipment to do the task correctly.
Make your workplace where you want to spend time because you feel comfortable and secure.
One must develop a "Get It Right First Time" mindset to succeed.
The use of supported Systems and Procedures to maintain consistency is essential.
It is necessary to accomplish continuous improvement via research and development.
Environmental protection may be accomplished via more environmentally friendly and safe working procedures.
Adhere to *Government Policies and Procedures
Make a list of your objectives for obtaining recognized Accreditation.
Deliver On Time and at a Reasonable Price.