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About Us

Dimension Leathers is one of the Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of leather garments and other leather products includes Leather Motorcycle Suits, Leather Motorcycle Jackets, Leather fashion jackets, Body armors, Motorcycle gloves, Textile Jackets, Leather Fashion coats, Western garments and many more. We are dedicated to spread the finest leather goods across the world for both amateur and professional motor-cycle riders. Due to changing world requirements the quest for excellence and perfection never ends. We continue to create new standards for Motorbike Garments in order to provide the best professional riding clothing.

Dimension Leathers is your one stop-platform that is easing your purchasing with standard and customizing specifications. We are offering our articles in small as well as bulk quantities orders.

We make our production suits in the same way the original racer suits are made, we use the same technology, materials, cut, stitching and of course the same level of protection. Our motorcycle suits are frequently used at the BSB championship, one of the most dangerous superbike competition.

We are directly involved in designing, manufacturing, and distributing our products. We aim to provide great products and services that are unique to each client. If a specific logo or design is requested by a customer we are able to customize that design and tailor the garment as per customer body size.

We are looking to grow as a company with the help of our customers.

We desire our customer's experience with Dimension Leathers should exceed to their expectations, hopes and needs. Our customers demand the extremely best for their money and we are happy to provide it.
We look at every comment card and e-mail sent to us.

Our Mission
Our mission is to offer the finest quality products that are more sustainable, more comfortable, future-oriented and stylish. We are determined to adopt the most innovative and most modern techniques and technologies to offer high-grade products without causing any harm to the environment.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become an inspiration of every fashion lover across the globe, through providing innovative and iconic products

Our Team
We have highly qualified and skilled team members who are offering their best in their respective departments. Our dedicated customer care can respond to your queries instantly so that you do not have to wait. Moreover, our in-house experienced and skillful designers can quickly turn your idea into a fine design

Five – Star Support: Hit up our FAQ’s or contact us with any questions or comments

Quality and Warranty: Satisfaction, Quality & Results

Best Price: Doesn't matter your order big or small

Call us on +92 300 611 4710 today or leave us an

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