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Leather Collection

Leather Collection
The finest selection of motorcycle apparel in the world! Biking essentials are included in this package.

Using our motorcycle riding gear, you'll be protected from impacts, abrasions, and cuts while still maintaining your agility on the road. CE level 1 and level 2 armored equipment is included in all of our gear, guaranteeing your safety and security. In addition, motorcycle suits, jackets, trousers, gloves, and boots are all available in a range of eye-catching patterns, designs, and colors so that you may capture the hearts of onlookers. At the same time, you ride your Harley or any other bike.

Getting a motorbike requires a lot of enthusiasm, but it also provides a lot of excitement in the process. Although the possibility of an accident is considered, motorcycle gear comes into play. To be a cyclist is to push yourself to your physical and mental boundaries, even if it means taking risks. Therefore, protective equipment for motorcycle riders was established since there is no protective cabin for a motorbike driver in an accident. As part of Leather Collection, we offer motorcycle racing suits that are CE-approved and made of the highest quality leather to protect you in the terrible event of an accident.

Do you know what the most prevalent motorcycle gear protection elements are? You must wear leather apparel that is both stylish and protective in the event of an accident or drag. Leather Collection has developed motorcycle clothing built to withstand heavy use while providing optimum comfort and style for those who riding a motorbike. Too tight will suffocate you, while too loose will put you at risk of falling off your body and putting your life in jeopardy.