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Leather Motorcycle Pants

Leather Motorcycle Pants
Buying a pair of protective motorcycle pants is crucial to guarantee you're taking the appropriate precautions to keep yourself safe. With Dimension Leather's high-quality variety of motorcycle trousers and pants, you can choose trousers that'll keep your legs, knees, and ankles safe in the unfortunate case of an accident.

Dimension Leathers offer several models for men with splendid features in highly protective materials. Our biker racing pants are designed for professional racers to protect their body from any severe injuries in case of any crash. We also offer leather options to order as per their demands, including genuine cowhide leather, genuine buffalo leather, split leather, and excellent strength kangaroo leather.

Although leather motorcycle pants have long been a favorite of seasoned riders, they aren't necessarily the ideal choice for every ride. For example, leather absorbs rain like a sponge despite its abrasion-resistant features and lacks heat properties. In addition, while racers wear leather, they don't spend long periods in the saddle, so they don't get as cold or wet as you would expect. Comparatively, lengthy rides on the road may be unbearably cold and wet for road riders, and wearing leather trousers doesn't help matters any. So it's not only for protection that racers wear leather; it's also because it doesn't produce wind resistance and turbulence.

We can produce according to the specifications of our customers. Please provide us with your design, drawing, or counter sample to develop the models for your approval.
Brand: dimension Model: DI-1132
Genuine leather by cowhide (1,1 - 1,2 mm thick) and textile fabricPre-shaped contour for a perfect fitLining: 100 % polyesterSafety seams5-fold seamPush buttons, rubberizedVelcro areas for slidersHip protector, type tested according to EN 1621-1Protector pockets directly attached to exterior materia..
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