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Safety & Protection

Safety & Protection

Motorcycle body armor is frequently overlooked and under-appreciated as a component of motorcycle safety gear. Because armor provides the most protection for the head and neck, helmets are often brought up first when discussing motorcycle safety. Helmets and other protective gear are directly linked to survival in motorcycle accidents, but what about other equipment?

Protecting your skin and bones in the case of an accident requires various things, including a jacket, gloves, riding trousers or suits, and riding boots. The Dimension Leathers body armor found in each of the items is unique. The most common motorcycle body armor is high-density foam sandwiched between carbon fiber or Kevlar composite abrasion panels. These devices will protect all major and minor joints with the most significant impact potential.

There will always be an open debate regarding motorcycle-specific gear and body armor. Even though few studies on the matter, motorcycle body armor provides better protection than riding without it. Closed-course collisions have left some riders with little more than a wounded ego, as we've seen first-hand, shielded from the first hit and the subsequent abrasion as they skidded to a standstill by the internal body armor they were wearing.

CE Markings for Motorcycle Body Armor

A CE or EN European rating may appear on the protector or packaging after you begin your search for body armor. The CE grade is used by most worldwide businesses selling protective gear in numerous global marketplaces.

Buying protective gear with or without a CE certificate doesn't mean you're getting better or worse gear; however, you look at In other words, a U.S. company that only sells in the U.S. may elect not to develop and certify to a European or International standard but may nevertheless offer protective gear that meets or surpasses the same standards without further certification.

Brand: dimension Model: DI-1319
Redesign your material or leather motorcycle jacket to our ce certified armor set. Our 7-PC ce armor pad set have 1 ce back protector,2 Shoulder protector, 2 Thigh protector and 2 Elbow protector pads. The Ce back protector fits both Men and Women Armor pocketsExtremely Comfortable, The armor insert..
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Brand: dimension Model: DI-1238
Motorycle Body Armour and Protection. Protective vests and jackets, Knee & Elbow Guard. Our Safety Gears feature CE protection. Ride bike with Safety gears, High Quality and ComfortableThe motorcycle body armor includesBack protectionChest protectionElbow protectionShoulder protectionKidney prot..
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Brand: dimension Model: DI-1318
PE shell armor part, it is wear-resistant and shock-resistant, protect the chest, back, shoulders, elbows, and forearms have hard shell padding on vulnerable areasCloth is made of lightweight elastic durable mesh fabric, that allows the whole body to get rid of stuffiness, remains cool and keep you ..
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Brand: dimension Model: DI-1317
Turn any jacket into a riding jacket with the Amped. Stretch-mesh chassis with a full compliment of CE armor means lots of breathability and lots of protectionFeaturesIntegrated CE 1 protection at shoulders, elbows, back and chestAll new multi plate design allowing for more coverage with maximum mob..
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