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Two Piece Race Suits

Two Piece Race Suits
Since its introduction in 2000, leather suits have been connected with the concept of "dimension," beginning with the first brightly colored leather suits and progressing through the development of sliders, back protectors, and the aerodynamic hump, among other advancements. In this case, technology, mobility, and the highest possible level of security are all crucial aspects to take into account. So choose your Dimension two-piece suits for the best protection possible on the road and in the workplace.

In addition, we have a vast assortment of one-piece motorcycle leathers available for purchase. At Dimension Leathers, we take great pride in supplying high-quality leather motorcycle clothing at a fair price to customers worldwide.

There is no mistake about it; it is so apparent that leather is the most excellent material to choose for your next project or purchase. Designers often use leather because of the impact it produces on the road. In addition, there are no doubts regarding the quality of a leather suit, whether it is a one-piece or a two-piece design. Many years have passed since I last purchased a piece of leather clothing, and I have never been disappointed.

The flexibility of a two-piece racing suit enables a racer to receive a particular size for the jacket and a specified size for the trousers, which will improve safety and comfort on the long route. Not everyone will inevitably be built like a MotoGP rider, and by introducing two-piece motorcycle racing suits, manufacturers are assisting more riders in getting to the track. If you have any questions concerning the two-piece racing suit's fit or balance, please get in touch with us!
Brand: dimension Model: DI-1124
Brand New Ladies Cowhide Leather Motorbike Customized Racing Apparel.  Customers can order jacket on its own or two piece suit. Matching shoes and gloves can also be ordered with additional cost. Customer can also have this style made as a fashion wear without armors.100% genuine mild grain 1.1..
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