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Textile Garments

Textile Garments

Dimension Leathers are textiles in textile research; Leather is a few scientific publications issues. Textile, clothing, and leather technologies, finishing and printing, dyes and auxiliaries, textile and raw material assessments, metrology, work organization, environmental protection, and machines and equipment are the main themes of the articles. In the context of both the global and Polish textile industry's expansion and modernization, these challenges are critical.

Dimension Leathers’ research textile materials include fibers, yarns, textile fabrics, Leather, and composites. Textiles, Leather, clothing, and footwear industry technology and procedures and chemical processes for textile and leather manufacturing are the focus of this conference. Other topics that are acceptable in the garments include those relating to energy and climate change and pieces on the fashion and textile industries.

New original research and technological improvements in various fields, including materials science and engineering and economics and design about the textile and leather industries and the apparel and footwear endeavors have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

This journal supports textile and leather research and current information to broaden the dissemination of results from scientific studies. The objective of Fabric and Leather Review is to disseminate basic, theoretical, and practical scientific knowledge in the field of material and Leather to the whole international community.

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