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Dimension Leathers was formed out of love for motorcycle gear that is both functional and fashionable. Custom motorcycle racing suits, gloves, and accessories are now available at the most outstanding value on the market after years of design, manufacture, and perfection. What are the advantages of motorcycle racing gear? What can you anticipate from our products?

As you may imagine, safety is the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing your equipment. 

However, you don't want to think about whether or not you're adequately protected in the case of a collision while driving at high speeds. For this reason, let us examine the different components of a motorcycle racing suit and explore the benefits they bring and their role in ensuring your safety.

Leathers are the first item on the list. Your leather suit is the most crucial element of the protective jigsaw, and it should not be compromised. This outfit is made from only the best materials.

In the next section, we'll talk about our armor inserts. Before the slide, you may be affected somehow, and we make every effort to limit the damage these hits do to your body. In addition to the standard CE Level 2 approved armor, Force field armor is an alternative for even more protection!

Finally, we have a common feature incorporated into our suits and jackets: Don't forget about our fantastic gloves! We offer a glove for every taste and choice, thanks to our two unique alternatives. Race gauntlets from Dimension Leathers include complete kangaroo construction, Kevlar thread, boxed hands and fingers, and stingray slide protection, making them a tried-and-true glove.

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