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Dimension Leathers offers a wide range of motorcycle rain gear. Except for weather-specific gloves, most rain gear is meant to be worn over regular riding gear. All motorcycle rain gear should be waterproof and straightforward to put on and take off. Gloves built for damp conditions frequently include heating capabilities, which is significant since evaporation is a cold process.

The finest motorcycle rain gear depends on your riding style (commuting, touring, racing), features, fit, aesthetics, and budget. Choosing decent motorcycle rain gear is a personal choice based on your requirements.

Dimension Leathers Checklist, for Motorcycle Rain Gear

All motorcycle rain gear is waterproof, and some are very waterproof. Equipment is usually double-stitched and has sealed or "taped" seams to keep water out.

Easy to put on and take off rainy weather riding clothing is standard. The gear is often bigger to fit over riding attire and has numerous zippered holes for quick access. The goal is to swiftly off the road and change into rain gear.

Allows you to slide over your riding gear easily. (Wet weather gear developed for racing leathers is one exception. This kind must be as tight as possible to avoid tearing or drag at high speeds.)

Visibility is a must for rain gear. Riding in the rain may be challenging due to cloud cover, precipitation, fog, and tire wetness. Motorcycles are difficult to see even in brilliant sunshine, so visibility in bad weather is critical.

To prevent slipping off the motorbike seat, most wet weather riding trousers contain a cloth panel or coating. Water is a lubricant, and you don't want to slide off your bike.

Consider all of these features while buying rain gear. So the next time it rains, you'll be dry and comfy.

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