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Flat Track Suits

Flat Track Suits
Designed for flat track racing, Dimension Leathers Flat Tracksuits are offered in both cowhide and kangaroo leathers. It is the oldest type of motorcycle racing in the United States, and it has been there since the early 1900s. Even in the face of today's racing revival, Flat Track's origins remain firmly entrenched.

Over the past few years, the Flat Tracksuit has seen a rapid evolution. As a result, today's Flat Tracksuits bear little resemblance to the traditional flat tracksuits used decades ago. Instead, new materials, improved patterning and stretch panel positioning, armor, Airbags, and fit requirements have made Flat Tracksuits as technologically advanced as those used in Road Racing.

There are no internal shoulder armor or knee slider Velcro in our Flat Track-specific suit, and it is available without the speed hump' for those who want to ride without it.

Race flat tracksuits should also be pre-curved in design; the sleeves and legs are pre-curved in the riding posture. The pre-curve form of the motorcycle makes it easier to handle and relax the rider. In addition, to keep riders engaged and energetic, pre-curved racing suits guarantee that blood flows smoothly through their bodies.

Dimensions Leathers, race flat-suits designed to a rider's specific dimensions, riding posture, and race needs have the most excellent fit. Suits for elite WSBK and MotoGP riders are made to measure.

A suit built for the rider's comfort and equipped with certified level 1 or 2 protection is always the best option. Of course, you may have to pay a little more for these extras. But they'll keep you safe, and that's always the number one concern for a rider.
Brand: dimension Model: DI-1141
Once you place the order you will get a mock file where you can Design your leather suit and fill the Custom Size Sheets.MOTO GEAR Racing Leather Suit is specially designed for professional bikers to fulfill their biking passion on track with great safety. This suit features excellent design & c..
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